Teen christians and dating

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Teen christians and dating

Furthermore, as your teen dives deeper into the world of porn, his or her character will begin to be eroded, even destroyed. If your son or daughter sows to please lust, destruction is soon to follow.

Dishonesty within this area of life will spill over into other areas of your teen’s life.

What’s encouraging is that the teens who write them are taking some strides in the right direction.

What’s sad is that many teens are caught in the deadly snare of pornography and haven’t taken the first step toward freedom. Statistics leave our heads spinning about how many pornographic sites are on the Web today, how many new porn sites go live every day, and how huge, powerful, and pervasive the pornographic video industry is. If you want it, you can find it quicker than quick.

It’s time to arm yourself with the necessary tools to wage this war alongside your teen. It starts with learning more about what you’re up against.It sucks every bit of truth, contentment, honesty, character, loyalty, and reality out of the mind and soul of the one plugging into it.Porn leaves people feeling hopeless, guilty, and ashamed. I communicate on a regular basis with teens who struggle with addiction to porn.The fantasy world being downloaded into his or her mind will fight to turn itself into reality by encouraging your teen to use people to fulfill personal lusts.And as your son or daughter tries to act out the sexual behaviors seen online, the perceived need for self-gratification will damage not only your teen’s relationships during the dating years but also his or her relationship with a future mate. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction.” Teens are being greatly fooled if they believe they can casually check out porn and still live the lives God would have them live.

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Thus began a dark journey that lasted most of his senior year of high school. Sometimes the initial spam messages appear innocuous, such as an invitation to check out a magazine subscription or some cartoons or jokes. I got one of these just yesterday on my cell phone.